The first licensed cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada has opened its doors for business in Las Vegas, and more are set to follow soon.

To date, the only other onsite cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada is the Sky High Lounge which is not subject to the same Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) regulations since it is located on sovereign tribal land.

Nevada has had legal recreational cannabis sales for several years, but visitors to Las Vegas in particular have often complained that there are few places where they can legally consume marijuana products since public cannabis consumption is not permitted

While certain hotels and bars in Las Vegas have adopted permissive policies towards onsite cannabis consumption, these operate without a license and are not authorized to sell marijuana products.

Now, after initially approving the first draft of regulations for cannabis consumption lounges back in 2022, the Nevada CCB has licensed Thrive Cannabis Marketplace to become the first dispensary in the state where customers can consume marijuana products onsite.

They have so far awarded 40 prospective licenses for cannabis consumption lounges, so there are many more to come. Successful applicants are currently working alongside officials for suitability investigations, carrying out renovations that align with regulations, and ensuring dosing processes for food and drink are up to standard.

“With consumption lounges, the program we’re rolling out is very unique. There’s no blueprint, no real example across the nation. So we’re blazing some new ground here,” said Tyler Klimas, executive director of the Cannabis Compliance Board.

Half of the 40 prospective licenses are for new establishments. The other half has gone to existing dispensaries.

Of the new establishment licenses, half have been put aside for social equity applicants who have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization. These applicants pay $2,500 for a license, while the standard rate is $100,000.

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