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Our Contributors

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Susan Burns
Susan BurnsAttorney
Susan Burns is an experienced entrepreneur and attorney who is a strong advocate for business growth and the development of sustainable agricultural processes. Susan’s passion to partner with business owners and help them navigate to next-level success has led to the development of S Burns & Associates, a boutique law firm serving businesses in growth mode.
Michael Patrick Hanle
Michael Patrick HanleAttorney
Birmingham criminal defense lawyer Michael Patrick Hanle is a Partner at the law firm of Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, P.C. He focuses his practice exclusively on criminal defense, including white-collar crimes defense, drug defense, and federal criminal defense. He is a skilled litigator and educated counselor, offering comprehensive legal help to the arrested and accused in Alabama.
Jeremy Eldridge
Jeremy EldridgeAttorney
As the founding partner of ENLawyers. Mr. Eldridge handles criminal cases involving DUI, DWI, and marijuana cases in both State and Federal Court. Mr. Eldridge frequently appears on local news shows as a legal expert discussing salient legal topics, and hosts a podcast entitled: Lawyers on the Rocks.
Steven Auerbach
Steven AuerbachAttorney
Steve is the founder of the Law Office of Steven T. Auerbach, in Narberth, Pennsylvania. Mr. Auerbach is in the general practice of law and concentrates his practice primarily in the areas of discrimination and retaliation litigation.
Gerald Cohen and Ilyssa Fuchs
Gerald Cohen and Ilyssa FuchsAttorneys
Gerald Cohen and Ilyssa Fuchs are seasoned attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP, where preservation for justice is at the forefront. As a partner, Gerald leverages his extensive trial experience to litigate matters on the behalf of clients. Ilyssa is a social justice activist recognized for her work in civil rights litigation. Collectively, their clients have received over $600 million in verdicts and settlements.