A Las Vegas man who chronicled his allegedly illegal pot grow on YouTube was arrested in late September and could face drug charges.

Police Officer Writing TicketPolice said they busted a marijuana grow house Sept. 26 after they were alerted to the videos on YouTube. An anonymous tipster pointed Las Vegas Metro Police to the videos, which were posted by buddynuggets78.

Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada. But the law limits cannabis gardens to a maximum of seven plants. Police said they discovered about 200 plants during the raid.

“Not very smart,” said Lt. Laz Chavez. “It was brazen. In my opinion the most arrogant of all of ‘em that I’ve seen.”

Jason and Stephanie Pelletier were arrested on suspicion of felony drug crimes. Police said their house in the Southwest Valley neighborhood contained plants in the bedroom and garage. Some of the weed was almost ready for sale, police said.

Chavez said Jason Pelletier has a “history” with drug and gun offenses but didn’t provide details.

“This was a hardened criminal with a very serious criminal history and they were in the process of harvesting and then selling the drugs inevitably here in Las Vegas,” Chavez said.

Nevada adopted medical weed in 2000 and partially decriminalized recreational pot a few years later. Possession of up to one ounce is punishable by a $600 fine rather than jail time, but it remains a misdemeanor and still goes on criminal records.

hydro marijuana plantsUnder the medical marijuana law, Nevadans are allowed to purchase up to one ounce at medical marijuana dispensaries and grow up to seven plants at home.

The Pelletiers are hardly the only people facing ridiculous felony charges over cannabis cultivation. A Texas man could be sentenced to life in prison for making brownies with hash oil. In Oklahoma, cops busted two Florida men for transporting pot they purchased legally in Colorado.

About the Author: Matt Brooks

Matt is a journalist from San Francisco who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than six years.

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