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If you need another reminder why it’s so much better to smoke weed than crack, look to John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25.

The Florida couple were arrested and charged with trespassing in late December after they locked themselves inside a janitor’s closet at Daytona State College for two days. When police finally let them out, they discovered the door was never locked to begin with.

Arwood and Campbell could have walked free at any time. Instead, they apparently spent two days smoking crack and defecating on the floor.

Couple allegedly chased into closet

Florida Couple Locked in Closet

Couple The couple entered the closet three days after Christmas. They later told police they were chased inside, though police didn’t say who allegedly pursued them.

Arwood used his cell phone to call 911 on Dec. 31, two days later. Police quickly arrived and let them out. An officer then entered the closet, closed the door, and immediately discovered it didn’t lock.

It’s not clear why Arwood waited so long to call for help. He and Campbell left behind human feces and several copper scouring pads that could be used to smoke crack cocaine, police said.

No drugs were found at the scene

Officers didn’t find any crack in the closet, so no drug charges were filed. But Arwood and Campbell both were charged with trespassing. Campbell was also charged with breaking her probation on a resisting arrest conviction from 2013.

Arwood has a long criminal history, including jail time in Florida for armed burglary, felony possession of marijuana, and fleeing police.

Cops were circumspect about what really happened, but it’s easy enough to guess. Heavy cocaine use can cause irrational paranoia and even persecutory delusions. A couple of full-time crack smokers could easily become convinced someone was stalking them.

Arwood and Campbell have at least one reason to be thankful: They didn’t leave any crack behind. That may speak more to their addictive tendencies than their collective intelligence, but it spared them additional charges.

This sort of things just doesn’t happen to potheads. Weed can cause paranoia and anxiety, but generally not the psychotic kind. Plus, even the most hard-core marijuana habit is cheaper than a crack addiction.

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