Authorities in Minnesota, a state that has adopted medical marijuana, have charged a mother with child endangerment after she gave MMJ to her severely ill son.

Angela Brown of Madison, Minn., said she and her husband, David, chose to use medical weed on their 15-year-old son, Trey, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at a baseball game three years ago.

Medical MarijuanaEver since that time, Trey has experienced severe illness, his parents said. It started with massive headaches, muscle spasms, and seizures. When it reached its worst point, he was cutting and punching himself, and he couldn’t go to school.

“No mother should have to hurt their child so they don’t hurt themselves,” Angela said. “He didn’t want to live.”

Her husband agreed. “It’s been a very, very rough three years,” David said.

The pain and other symptoms started after Trey took a pitch to the head in 2011. The disease, which doctors in Minnesota couldn’t effectively treat, changed his life dramatically.

“It just hurts in my brain everywhere,” Trey said. “I really can’t explain the pain.”

Out of options in Minnesota, the Browns turned to Colorado instead, where marijuana is legal. There, doctors gave Trey medical weed that greatly reduced his symptoms, his mother said.

“Within an hour of him taking it, we could tell a difference,” Angela said.

Trey’s parents fed him an oil, a concentrated form of cannabis. It was the only medicine that actually worked, they said.

But then police became involved, apparently unaware or unconcerned that the governor signed medical marijuana into law in May. Now they’re trying to imprison Angela and take away her family – for an act that could soon be legal.

Local teachers, likely carrying out their own outdated views on cannabis use, called authorities after Trey talked about his MMJ use in class. Police took the oil and charged Angela with child endangerment and causing a child to need protection.

Marijuana HandcuffsProsecutors refused to comment on the case or why they’re pursuing it. One can assume it’s out of loyalty to the anti-pot cause. Small-towners in Minnesota aren’t known for their open-mindedness when it comes to social issues.

“The prosecutor’s version of this is that a good mom allows her child to be in pain, to self-harm, and attempt to take his life,” Angela said. “I guess that’s a good mom in his eyes.”

Without the drug, Trey has slid back to his old symptoms, with “the muscle spasms, the pain, everything,” his father said. The family plans to move to Colorado once the local legal problems are resolved.

Minnesota should be embarrassed to see people like the Browns leave. Colorado should be happy to welcome them.

About the Author: Matt Brooks

Matt is a journalist from San Francisco who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than six years.


  1. Sandy October 3, 2014 at 8:40 am - Reply

    Shame on Madison, MN. I am a Minnesotans and heart broken for this boy and his family. How can anyone standby and watch people act like she should have a red S on her shirt. She should be praised and congratulated for being such a loving and carrying mother. She is trying to care for her son. People in Madison, MN must not understand that. Why isn’t Gov. Dayton involved in this. She should not spend one day in jail nor pay one penny for being such a good mother.

    What in the world is next!!!! We are spiraling out of control!!!

  2. terrie groves October 27, 2014 at 7:59 pm - Reply


  3. Cheri Drake November 1, 2014 at 6:48 am - Reply

    I am standing up for Angela Brown. I do not believe she endangered her son in any way, shape, or form! This country has to lighten up when it comes to marijuana. Look at all the POISON Big Pharma is marketing and putting out there, but Angela went and got a NATURAL SUBSTANCE THAT GOD, IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM PUT ON THIS PLANET TO HELP PEOPLE, and now she’s facing charges of child endangerment?!!? The ONLY reason marijuana is illegal and forced down our throats as being bad is because Big Pharma would lose billions on the POISON they market, due to the fact that marijuana is NATURAL and has so MANY HEALTHFUL BENEFITS for so many people. If I had a child who was suffering in Any way, I would do Exactly what Angela did if nothing else (like the poisons big pharma is pushing) worked. Actually, I would try marijuana first to see if it aided in my child’s suffering Before seeking out the POISON big pharma is pushing. Wake up America!!! All you have to do is see one commercial for a “medicine” big pharma is pushing and listen to the side affects and right then ~ you know it’s POISON. In the case of marijuana, look at how many people have used it over the decades, even centuries, and there’s not one documented case of Anything bad happening to them!!! Wake up America, stop being so head up the ass’ish, and JUST LEGALIZE THIS NATURAL SUBSTANCE ACROSS THE BOARD!!!! My heart goes out to Angela Brown and I PRAY she is Not convicted. Other people are not walking in her shoes with a child who’s suffering ~ if they are going to be so blind to her and her son’s plight. DO NOT CONVICT ANGELA BROWN. SHE IS A GREAT MOTHER and a lovely person. I don’t know her personally, but I can just tell by watching her in interviews. And, again, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA ACROSS THE COUNTRY. IT IS NOT A BAD DRUG! Again, COMPARED TO WHAT BIG PHARMA IS PUSHING, marijuana should be the LEAST of anyone’s concerns!!!

    Cheri Drake, Maryland

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