A Michigan man has admitted that he ran a grow operation that was busted when his 6-year-old daughter showed up to her kindergarten class smelling of marijuana.

Marijuana GavelRandall Raymond Fieck Jr. of Dickinson, Mich., pleaded guilty Oct. 23 to manufacturing marijuana plants. Because more than 50 plants were involved, Fieck faces a potential 20-year prison sentence.

Fieck was busted after his daughter showed up to her class Jan. 29. A teacher noticed she had “a strong odor of marijuana on her clothing” and brought her to the principal’s office, police said in a criminal complaint.

The girl told her teacher that Fieck “was growing marijuana plants in the basement of their residence and that she was not supposed to tell anyone,” said Kingsford Public Safety Sgt. Joseph Menghini.

The school contacted the police

School staff called police, who went to Fieck’s house that afternoon. When Fieck answered the door, Menghini “immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana from within the residence,” the sergeant said.

Fieck declined to let officers enter or search his home, saying he had a medical marijuana card and was legally allowed to grow cannabis for other patients. But he wouldn’t say how many plants he was growing.

Police obtained a search warrant

When Fieck wouldn’t show them his grow area, the police obtained a search warrant. Inside they found 207 plants with 60 starter clones. They also found three pounds of processed pot.

Marijuana LeavesFieck had installed a high-end grow system in two rooms of his basement and two rooms on the second story. High-intensity grow bulbs were mounted on a track in the basement so they could be moved to give each plant equal light.

Police also found fertilizer, potting soil, air and water filters, unused lights, timers, and other equipment.

Fieck lived at the house with his daughter. There were no other occupants at the time. Fieck and the girl moved to Wisconsin after the raid, but Fieck returned to plead guilty. His sentencing is scheduled in March.

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