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Sending weed through the U.S. mail is always a dicey proposition.

The sheer volume of letters and packages mailed each day makes it highly unlikely postal carriers will catch a single package containing marijuana. But the more you buy, sell, and ship, the more likely you’ll get caught.

U.S. Postal Service TrucksThink of it this way: Instead of getting weed straight from a dealer, you’re sending it through the hands of dozens of civil servants. They’re not cops, but they are trained to spot contraband.

If you simply must ship some pot by USPS, use common sense. For example, don’t use your neighbor’s place as your drop unless you know he won’t be home.

Charged with intent to distribute

Police in New Orleans arrested a 20-year-old man in late December, saying they caught him picking up marijuana deliveries from an apartment behind his home. Dominic Angelica was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis with intent to distribute. He was also charged under outstanding warrants from a nearby parish.

New Orleans Police said Dominic was shipping marijuana to his neighbor’s address and picking up the packages when the neighbor wasn’t home. But the neighbor evidently found one of the packages, opened it, and discovered five sealed bags of weed inside. The neighbor called the police.

Cops said they seized the box as well as nearly 10 pounds of processed pot, drug paraphernalia, and $10,000 in cash.

Sending contraband to a neighbor’s address is common practice among smugglers and consumers who purchase illicit goods by mail. The idea is to find a vacant home or apartment near your own and send the packages there using an alias.

Marijuana MailThe ideal drop site is a home that’s up for sale. A house can stay on the market for months, and if the homeowners have moved out, their vacant property can be used to receive packages.

The key to this approach, though, is that the homeowner must be absent. Trying to work around a neighbor’s work schedule so you can pick up your packages is a hopeless cause. At some point, he’s going to come home when a package is still waiting for you.

Of course, the simplest solution to this problem is to buy your weed local. At times you may need the USPS to get your hands on delicacies such as hash oil without making them yourself. But as a general principle you should avoid sending marijuana through the mail.

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