A Washington man who apparently lost his marijuana pipe made the situation much worse when he called police to report they had stolen it. That’s right, he told the police the police stole his pipe.

Marijuana PipeThe man, whose name wasn’t immediately released by police, smoked some meth to calm himself (!?) and, as he later claimed, was robbed by a group of thugs. He said they took his pot pipe.

The man called police in Kennewick, Wash., and told them he thought the robbers were cops because they carried flashlights. The dispatcher told him there were no officers on the scene, and he said he thought they were cops from nearby Pasco.

The man later called the police again, changing his story and telling them he saw the robbers run to a van labeled “Pasco Police Department.” It wasn’t clear whether the man was arrested, but police said he told them he smoked “only” a little meth earlier in the night to steady his nerves.

The man’s paranoid complaint to the cops hardly makes him the first stupid person to unwittingly turn himself in in recent months.

In June a Florida woman was caught on video eating a bag of marijuana while handcuffed in the back of a police car. Tavish Smith was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, marijuana possession, and hit-and-run, and then managed to slip her cuffs, grab a bag of weed from the front seat, and swallow the evidence.

Marijuana HandcuffsThe same month, also in Florida, police found nearly an ounce of pot hidden in the fat folds of a 450-pound man. Christopher Mitchell was arrested during a traffic stop when police dogs detected small bags of marijuana hidden in his belly fat.

These busts don’t really say anything about marijuana, except maybe that smart people aren’t the only ones who love the drug. But there’s no point in blaming cannabis for such stupidity – these people probably didn’t need any herbal encouragement.

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