Multiple cannabis-related bills recently entered into law in Maine without the signature of Gov. Janet Mills (D).

The governor did, however, put her signature to a separate piece of marijuana legislation that will create opportunities for local jurisdictions to apply for financial support from the state to help with the costs of licensing and regulating cannabusinesses.

That measure – LD 1195 – covers costs up to a maximum of $20,000 for municipalities for expenses such as legal fees and drafting ordinances that pertain to authorizing marijuana businesses.

The sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Tiffany Roberts (D), said her bill will ensure better cooperation between municipal governments and local businesses.

“In the development of Maine’s adult-use marijuana industry, the state has asked municipalities to help balance the newly sanctioned use of this commodity, however, they are not yet seeing a return on their investment,” said Roberts. “This bill will allow municipal governments to recover expenses from their regulation of the adult-use industry and encourage partnerships with local businesses.”

The other bills enacted into Maine’s marijuana laws concern other aspects of the state-legal industry.

The first – LD 1827 – allows licensed cannabis retailers to offer home deliveries of marijuana products, including seedlings and immature plants, to adults 21 and older, as well as providing for curbside pickups.

The second – LD 1928 – expands legal protections for caregivers of medical marijuana patients and authorizes physicians to consult with patients and issue marijuana treatment recommendations via telehealth.

The third – LD 1957 – aims to encourage greater diversity in the legal marijuana industry by removing the prohibition on hiring applicants who have prior marijuana-related convictions for certain types of offenses.

All four of these measures have now entered into law, though LD 1195 will take effect within 90 days.

“These common-sense changes will further facilitate patients’ and others’ access to medical cannabis products and will provide opportunities for greater inclusivity within Maine’s licensed marijuana industry,” said NORML’s state policies manager, Jax James.

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